Paramax® 9000 Series

Paramax parallel and right angle drives are built on almost seven decades of Sumitomo excellence in power transmission engineering. Some of the largest, and most durable power transmission systems operating in the world were designed and manufactured by Sumitomo.

With 26 standard housing sizes, application of a Paramax 9000 unit is optimized for precise horsepower, torque, speed and duty cycle, ensuring long life and cost-effective, efficient operation.
• 26 frame sizes for more precise unit selection and optimized applications
• High Torque ratings, up to 4.9 million inch-pounds
• Higher ratings with a 25° pressure angle and wider gear tooth face
• Universal Housings accommodate horizontal, vertical and upright installations
• Modular design concept allows direct motor mount for right angle designs
• New fan and shroud design delivers up to 87% increased thermal capacity, cooler operation and greater efficiency
• Optimized gear tooth profile for gearing accuracy, low wear, quiet and efficient operation
• Rugged cast iron FEM-designed housing minimizes deflection under load
• Global standardization, availability and support from Sumitomo worldwide
Technical Information

Hansen Industrial Transmissions' P4 line of single-stage gear units come in a parallel horizontal configuration. The performance of single-stage P4 units is characterized by low noise and weight, environmental tolerance, and exceptional reliability.

 Torque  23,000 to 4.9 Million in-lbs (552,000 Nm)
 Ratios  6.3:1 to 500:1 standard Unlimited ratios available with combination Cyclo® and Paramax®
 Housing  Cast Iron (standard), Ductile & Fabricated Steel (optional)
 Universal Housing  Horizontal, Vertical and Upright Mounting
 Direct Motor Mount  Standard (for Right Angle Models), No Coupling Alignment, Compact Design
 Low Speed Shaft  Solid, Hollow Bore with Shrink Disc or Keyed
 Auxiliary Cooling  Fan, Cooling Coil, Cooling Systems

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Paramax 9000

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