Tokyo Keiso is a premier Japanese brand in the field of instrumentation. It manufactures, sells, and maintains flow and level instruments. Their products offer various flow measurement solutions, including metal tube variable area flowmeters, direct reading flowmeters, glass tube/plastic variable area flowmeters, sanitary flowmeters, purge meters, purge sets, orifice and pitot tube flowmeters, thermal mass flowmeters and controllers, thermal flowmeters, V-cone flowmeters, differential pressure flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeters, Coriolis force mass flowmeters, ultrasonic flowmeters, liquid flow control systems, wheel type flowmeters, flow monitors/switches, and flow set valves. It also provides a range of level measurement solutions, such as spring balanced tank gauges, servo operated tank gauges, transmitters for tank gauges, supporting instruments for tank gauging systems, receiving indicators for tank gauging systems, metal tube level gauges, displacement type level transmitters, float type level transmitters, pressure type level gauges, ultrasonic level meters, level switches, micro wave level radars, micro pulse guided radars, and marine use cargo monitoring systems. In addition, the company offers other measurement solutions, including indicators and totalizers, batch control systems, supporting instruments for automobile research and development, pressure transmitters, and relay drivers.
Its products have applications in thermal and nuclear power plants, steel and non-ferrous plants, oil and petrochemicals plants, chemical/pharmaceutical/biochemical plants, food and beverage production processes, semiconductor production processes, ventilation/air conditioning/sanitation lines, environmental field, and oil and LNG tankers. Tokyo Keiso Co., Ltd. was founded in 1954 and is based in Tokyo, Japan.

• Certificates:    
ISO9001    ISO14001

All the products are categorized in three sections as follow:

Flow measurement and control instruments (Liquid, steam, & gas)

  • Metal tube variable area flowmeter
  • Purge meter
  • Flow switch / Flow switch
  • Ultrasonic flowmeter
  • Coriolis mass flowmeter
  • Thermal flowmeter
  • Constant flow valve
  • Flow measurement system for automobile bench test
  • Direct reading type variable area flowmeter
  • Purge set
  • Differential pressure flowmeter (Orifice type, V-Cone)
  • Electromagnetic flowmeter
  • Vortex flowmeter
  • Thermal mass flowmeter/controller
  • Flowmeter for air conditioning
  • Sight glass


Flow Measurement Catalog

Level measurement and control instruments

  • Float-tape type level meter
  • Magnetostrictive level meter
  • Torque tube type level meter
  • Purge type level meter
  • Microwave level meter
  • Ultrasonic level meter
  • Tank gauging system
  • Magnet float type level meter
  • Metal tube type level meter
  • Servo-balancing displacer type level gauge
  • Spring-balancing displacer type level meter
  • Micro pulse meter
  • Level Switch
  • Marine cargo monitoring system


Other Instruments

  • Pressure transmitter
  • Level transmitter
  • Differential pressure transmitter
  • Receiver

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