HBB Helical Buddybox

The Sumitomo helical gear combined with a Cyclo drive gives an extremely robust drive design to the Cyclo Helical BuddyBox (HBB). 
With a 2-year warranty, irrespective of the operating hours, the HBB is an excellent choice for applications involved with material handling, agitators, special machines, conveyor belts and other applications that require a cylindrical gear as the drive.


• Test results after 50,000 operating hours do not produce any noticeable wear
• With the Taper-Grip steel bushing, fitting/removing the hollow shaft design is simple and inexpensive
• Vertically fitted twin seals on the output prevent leaks and ensure optimum lubrication
• Compact, space-saving design
• Low friction, consequently no thermal restrictions


• Material handling
• Conveyor belts
• Ball mills
• Wire drawing machines
• Food industry
• Agitators
• Printing presses
• Belt filter presses
• Shredders/compacters
• Chip conveyors

Technical Information

 Ratios  21:1 to 2.599:1
 Torque Rating  up to 11.568 Nm
 Power Rating  0.12 to 30 kW
 Mounting  Hollow shaft, solid shaft, output flange and Taper-Grip bushing
 Options  Integral Motor and IEC Adapter
 Motor Standards  NEMA, IEC, JIS, UL, CSA, CER

HBB Helical Buddybox Manual

HBB Helical Buddybox Catalog