Winner of the 1981 Award from the Society of Mechanical Engineers, this double enveloping, single worm reducer has more worm teeth in contact than any competitors' straight worm shafts.

This enables the Hedcon to deliver more torque than an equally sized competitors' unit (based on center distance), which translates into improved service factor and overall better performance in the application.

• Double enveloping worm gearsets for increased tooth contact and higher load capacity
• High worm shaft rigidity
• Large sliding angle for high efficiency
• Silent and smooth performance
• Wide range of reduction ratios
• Compact and lightweight designs
• High ratings and large load capacities
Technical Information

Double enveloping, single worm reducer with more tooth contact than competitors’ straight worm shafts.

 Power  1,500 to 684,735 lb-in. 589 – 82,400 N m
 Ratio  5:1 to 100:1 (higher ratios possible with a Sumitomo Cyclo input)
 Motor  Standard, A Series (Precision) with Cyclo Drive CRG, CRH Series
 Low Backlash Series Available  
 Pinch Roll Drives available  (sizes 63 through 250)

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