Hansen P4 Vertical

The Hansen P4 vertical gearbox is available in 16 different sizes, with up to 819,000 Nm output torque. It is available with two and three stages and reduction ratios between 6.3:1 and 500:1. Housings are avialable with a parallel or right-angle shaft configuration, either with a solid or hollow low speed shaft.

Features of P4 Vertical Units:

• High torque geometry in low speed gear sets
• Low noise geometry in high speed gear sets
• Vertical P4 housing designed to ensure smooth transition of forces from the low speed shaft center bore to the mounting feet
• Integrated drywell as a standard feature for all vertical units output shaft down
• Dedicated housings for vertical applications with a higher bearing span
• Horizontal split housing for easy maintenance
• The rounded housing design features a smooth surface to minimize dirt or moisture accumulation
• Multiple housing materials available
• Accessible covers for service on the spot inspection and maintenance
• Optimized bearing selections for longer service life
• High speed shaft seals incorporate Hansen Oil-LockTM System
• Simple, standardized systems for cooling and lubrication
• Centralized oil fitting guarantees initial oil lubrication and circulation through all bearings
Technical Information
Hansen Industrial Transmissions' P4 line of vertical gear units and drive packages cover an exceptionally broad range of configurations, ensuring a solution for nearly any application. The performance of P4 units is characterized by low noise and weight, extreme environmental tolerance, and exceptional reliability.

 Torque Capacity  105,000 - 7,250,000 lb-in (11,863 - 819,000 N-M)
 Power  166 - 5,500 HP (124 - 4,101 kW)
 Ratio Range  6.3:1 - 500:1

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