Hansen P4 UniMiner Gear Units

Hansen Industrial Transmissions' P4 UniMiner gear units are compact and optimized for mining and other applications involving bulk material handling. The UniMiner allows for a variety of different mounting arrangements to fit the needs of the many unique and often inconvenient configurations frequently found in mining operations. The split Hansen gear housing design also makes the unit easy to service in compact and tight spaces.

Features of P4 UniMiner Units:

• Universal, flippable, alignment-free housing design with pilot for lantern housing
• Horizontal split housing for easy maintenance
• Multiple housing materials available
• High torque geometry in low speed gear sets
• Low noise geometry in high speed gear sets
• Accessible covers for service on the spot inspection and maintenance
• Optimized bearing selections for longer service life
• Shaft sealing incorporates dual grease-purgeable seals (Split seal retainers available as an option)
• Precision carburized and ground gearing delivers maximum capacity, minimal loss and quiet operation.
• Standard epoxy painting system withstands harsh mining environments
• Rugged steel-cased, filtered breathers are suitable for dusty environments
• Oil Guard™ dynamic drain-back, maintains positive lubrication of high-speed shaft
• Wide variety of motor installation accessories include: lantern housings, scoop brackets, common bases, and belt drive arrangements
• Standard UniMiner prepared for 3 degrees of tilt in all directions
• New Z-Series available
Technical Information

Hansen Industrial Transmissions' P4 line of single-stage gear units come in a parallel horizontal configuration. The performance of single-stage P4 units is characterized by low noise and weight, environmental tolerance, and exceptional reliability.

 5 Sizes C - G in M series 2 Sizes G - H in Z series
 Power  Mechanical power up to 2330 HP (up to 1738 kW)
 Torque  Torque up to 889,000 in-lbs (up to 100,445 Nm)
 Ratios  Ratios from 8:1 to 71:1
 Accessory Options  Motor lantern and scoop, motor base, backstop, swing base, flexible   or hydro-dynamic couplings, belt-drive arrangements
 Low Speed Shaft  Solid (standard) Rigid-Rigid, Keyed Hollow, Shrink Disc Hollow
 Bearings  Tapered, cylindrical or spherical roller types
 Housing  Grey cast iron (standard) or ductile iron (optional) machined on CNC   machining centers
 Tilt angles of +/- 3 degrees without forced lubrication
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