Cyclo Drive 6000

Sumitomo Cyclo drives are unique and are still unsurpassed where drive technology is concerned. The Cyclo drive is superior to traditional gear mechanisms, since it only operates with rolling force and is not exposed to shear forces. By comparison with gears with contact loads, Cyclo drives are more resistant and can absorb extreme shock loads by means of uniform load distribution over the power transmitting components. Cyclo drives and Cyclo drive geared motors are characterized by their reliability, long service life and outstanding efficiency, even under difficult conditions.


• High overload capacity, extreme shock load
• Long service life
• High efficiency
• Compact design
• Available as geared units and geared motors
• Ideal for operating under difficult conditions
• Lifetime grease lubrication on some sizes


• Conveyor systems
• Food and sugar industry
• Mixers and agitators
• Metalworking machines
• Water treatment plants
• Recycling plants
• Poultry Processing Equipment
• Sawmills and woodworking machines
• Rolling mills
• Construction machinery
• Paper industry
Technical Information

 Sizes  34 models
 Torque Rating  7.2 to 68,200Nm
 Power Rating  0.12 to 55 kW
 Ratio Range  6:1 to 119:1 (single), 104:1 to 7,569:1 and larger (multi-stage)
 Mounting  Horizontal or Vertical (Power takeoff facing up or down)
 Motor Standards  NEMA, IEC, JIS, UL, CSA, CER

Cyclo Drive 6000 Catalog

Cyclo 6000 Manual